European PRO Memory Foam Mattress

European PRO Memory Foam Mattress

Bed Size
Full Body Support

Full Body Support
The no.1 advantage of memory foam is the full-body support system that is not possible with a conventional sprung mattress.

Great in every position

Great in every position!
Back, side & stomach sleepers, we've got you all fully supported. Avoid those painful contact points which block blood flow and recovery.


Hypo-allergenic & Asthma Friendly
Our high-tech foam is resistant to dust, dust mites & bedbugs. We've also made our covers removable so they can be cleaned easily.

Better Quality Sleep

Better Quality Sleep
The key to a great night's sleep is actually the quality, not the quantity. Imagine getting all the benefits of 8 hours sleep in 6 hours! Yes, that is possible.

30x More Breathable

30x More Breathable
Our unique T3 layering system has been tested and proven to be 30x more breathable than conventional memory foam. This provides advanced temperature regulation.

The Hippo Chick Thing

Remember the Hippo & Chick thing?
The Hypnia anti-roll system isolates movement transfer so sleeping with a fidget partner becomes a problem of the past!

Improved Blood Flow

Improved Blood Circulation
When you fully support the body, blood flows more easily, increasing overnight recovery and cell regeneration.

Made to Order

Made to Order
We don't mass produce stock and leave it sitting around in a dirty warehouse. Everything is made to order so your mattress is as new & fresh as possible - it makes a difference!

Sold over 100,000 mattresess

We've Sold Over 100,000 mattresses
That many people don't trust you without a good reason. Recommendation and word of mouth have always been our best marketing.

Long Guaranteee

We have been in business longer than our guarantee
It may sound obvious, but we are one of the very few mattress brands that have. You need to know that we'll be there if you need us.

Established 2008

Est.2008 - that's over a decade!
You are getting over 10 years of not only experience but ongoing product development. As technology advances, we do too!

British Made

British Made
We have tried many imported suppliers and none of them can produce a compliant, fire-safe mattress. We know exactly where all of our materials come from.

Hypnia is affordable

37.3% Less Expensive than other brands*
We took a comparison of a wide selection of our competitors and amazingly this was the figure that came out. You're not paying for a retailer, middleman or expensive marketing.


Hand Finished
All of our mattresses are hand finished and personally checked after production. We don't use automated mass production techniques.

Hypnia Mattress
Hypnia Provides Backsupport
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Hypnia European PRO Memory Foam Mattress

European PRO memory foam mattresses are slightly larger than a UK mattress. So if you have brought a bed frame over from Europe or just prefer a larger bed where your feet are not hanging over the end, then this mattress is for you. Having a larger mattress can aid in a comfortable nights sleep, especially so if you are a taller person – remember that you need a European bed frame to match, as these mattresses will not fit on your regular UK sized bed frame.

Not just great for a longer person, but if your partner is a restless sleeper who turns and shifts in the night, a European Pro mattress could be the answer; giving you both some extra space so you can both enjoy a peaceful, relaxing nights sleep. Our European Pro mattresses are built to the exact same standard as our other Hypnia mattresses. This means the mattress features:

  • A removable cover with a zip-off design allowing it to be cleaned regularly.
  • Cool soft technology to keep you from overheating, as well as Anti-Dust Mite and Hypo-allergenic
  • Conforms to the British Standards for fire regulations, for extra peace of mind.

What size is a European PRO Mattress

A single European Pro memory foam mattress measures 90cm x 200cm

A double European Pro memory foam mattress measures 140cm x 200cm

A king-size European Pro memory foam mattress measures 160cm x 200cm

If you are looking to replace the mattress on your IKEA bed frame you may have noticed that the standard UK mattresses do not fit! You need a European size mattress for your IKEA bed frame. Will a standard IKEA mattress fit my current bed frame? Sadly no, you'll need to find a UK sized mattress – see our range here.

French Memory Foam Mattress

Not only do we offer European size mattresses but here at Hypnia, but you can also purchase a French size mattress & not because they come from France!

The French mattress often refers to the marketing of luxury, comfort and prestige – which of course all of our mattresses are!

Our French memory foam mattresses are offered in the following sizes and best suited for the wider and vintage bed frames:

  • French Double Pro Memory foam mattress measures 140cm x 190cm
  • French King sizes Pro Memory foam mattress measures 160cm x 190cm


Comfort Rating

Removable Quilted Coolsoft Breathable

Sleep Trial
100 Nights


10 Years 


From Next Day

A good nights sleep
, no matter how 
you sleep


Designed and crafted to 
quality British Standards.
 Our memory foam layer 
adjusts based on your 

Sleeping Image 1
Sleeping Image 2
Sleeping Image 2


The European PRO Memory Foam Mattress

Temperature Sensitive:
Our memory foam softens as it gets warmer so that it becomes more supple in areas where you are in contact with the foam, and remains firmer where you are not. This ensures you get the ultimate in adaptive support combined with superior body contouring.

The expertly constructed closed-cell memory foam prevents bugs, mites, and dust from penetrating its surface. Unlike a regular mattress where skin and bugs will build up over time, a Hypnia memory foam mattress will remain clear and free from bed bugs, making this an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

Density: 75 kg/m3
Our memory foam has a medium-firm rating and is available in different depths. By only using high-density Memory Foam we ensure our products are resilient and meet the durability standards expected from a leading memory foam brand like Hypnia.

Good Circulation
The superior support provided by a Hypnia memory foam mattress not only provides relief for joints and pressure points, but the reduced stress on muscles allows for good circulation which leads to much deeper and more restful sleep.

Also available -

Custom size Memory Foam Mattresses - Please ask.


Due to an unexpected surge in orders we are currently working on a 14 day leadtime. Keep in mind we manufacture all mattresses to order and we don't want to rush anyones new mattress, so please accept our apologies for the added delay. We hope to resume our previous shipping schedule asap.

We offer a number of different delivery options so you can select the one that works best for you.

FREE standard mainland UK delivery should take 1-2 working days.

Premium next working day delivery (mainland UK Monday-Friday only and orders must be placed before 10am to guarantee next working day delivery)

Saturday delivery (selected mainland UK locations only and orders must be placed before 10am Friday for Saturday delivery) Contact us for further details.

Offshore UK delivery should take 3-7 working days.*

Northern and Southern Ireland delivery should take 3-10 working days.

Additional shipping charges for each delivery option will be displayed at checkout.

*We regret that apart from Northern and Southern Ireland we cannot deliver super king size mattresses to any other UK offshore addresses.

We can deliver to certain parts of Europe, so for European delivery please contact us for further details.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking details from when your order is dispatched from our warehouse.

You can use this information to reschedule your delivery with the courier if required. We ship with Tuffnells and DPD depending on the delivery option you chose, your item and your location.

Our mattresses are sent rolled up and boxed so will be easy to transport by car. For convenience you may want to consider having items shipped to a work address.

Our couriers are unable to provide estimated delivery times but you will be able to track when your order is out for delivery from the tracking details we email to you. Most of our couriers deliver within the hours of 8am and 6pm.

The couriers will make two delivery attempts within the normal shipping charge and will leave a card to notify you when a delivery attempt has been made. If you do not contact them after the first attempt to arrange delivery on a different day they will automatically try again on the following working day.

After two failed delivery attempts you will have to collect the item from the courier’s depot or pay additional redelivery charges.

Delivery dates are provided as estimates only. Although the couriers operate an excellent service we cannot guarantee delivery days. We ask customers to check items on arrival as you will be asked to sign for them as 'received in good condition'. Damaged goods can be refused at this point or you can note any issues on the delivery note and contact us before opening the item. We ask all customers to double check their item fully for damage before opening and to contact us within 1 working day of delivery if they believe the item has been damaged by the courier.

All our memory foam products are dispatched from a UK address.
We accept Paypal and all major Credit and Debit cards.
No we can't as Paypal rules state very clearly that items can only be sent to a registered address supplied at the time of payment. You must register any alternative addresses for family or work with your account before ordering if you wish to pay through Paypal, or alternatively please pay by credit/debit card.
Please allow 12 hours from opening until first use. Some memory foam mattresses can take longer than others to reach their full size. Using the mattress or topper will help it become supple and expand as it reacts to your body temperature. We ask all our customers to allow up to 5 days from opening before contacting us with this issue as this will give the mattress the time it needs to fully expand.
Our office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm (Closed on Bank Holidays). Our contact number is 0800 6800 789.

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