Why should you change your mattress every few years?

Why should you change your mattress every few years?

Even though we guarantee Hypnia memory foam mattresses for 10 years we still recommend you change your mattress more often. Dreams have conducted several big studies and now recommend that people change their mattresses at least every 8 years. You only have to turn the clock back a few generations and it was common for newly married couples to buy a mattress and keep it for 30+ years, or even worse still ... to pass it on to their children. Eew!

Luckily things have moved on and knowledge about mattresses and the life of mattresses has matured, so people are much better educated on the subject. If you have ever helped anyone move house with old extremely heavy mattresses there is a good chance that they have actually increased in weight due to years of shed dead skin, sweat, dust and even bed bugs.

We have a few good reasons as to why you should upgrade and change your memory foam mattress regularly. The main reason being technology. Things move on, materials get better, fabrics evolve and product development doesn’t stop. Here at Hypnia we have spent over 10 years developing our mattresses to what they are today. Don’t get me wrong, if you own a 10+ year old original generation 1 Hypnia mattress then you still have one of the best mattresses available on the market, but you are missing out on 10+ years of improvements.

If you compared your mattress to other fast moving tech, I’m sure you don’t own a 10+ year old mobile phone? Have a 10 year old ipad, a decade old PC or dial up internet! We are now in a world of advanced foam technology. Previously hand mixed foam which was manually produced, labour intensive and inconsistent is now produced by sophisticated auto mixing robots that perfectly blend to create the perfect raw foam materials.

Our memory foam is more consistent, more durable and most importantly more comfortable. There is a lot of science around the importance of consistency in the foam mix to get that 'Just right' full body support. The perfect balance allows your body to benefit from optimized blood circulation, reducing pressure points and allowing your body to fully relax and repair itself from the stress of the day.

Our best memory foam mattresses now offer amazing cooling features both integrated into the memory foam and our trademarked cover fabric. Cool to the touch and effective at moderating body temperature, the old complaints of being too warm or even hot, are a thing of the past!

The other factor to consider when looking at how often to change your mattress is outside influences. As with all products you will get a natural rate of wear and tear which can be accelerated by various outside influences. Is your bed in direct sunlight during the day? Does your house suffer from cold or damp? Is there good airflow to your bedroom? Does your bed base allow your mattress to breathe? Do you suffer from any skin irritations? Do you sweat heavily during the night? I know some of these sound quite serious, but they will all have an effect on the lifespan of your mattress. More importantly, they will also be having a direct effect on the quality of your sleep and should be addressed where possible.

Over time all mattresses won’t provide the same level of support as they did when they were new. This is the crucial key benefit to achieve the maximum benefit from your mattress and give your body the best chance of that “best” nights sleep. True full body support relieves so much pressure from the daily strains and stresses of walking, running, sitting etc, it allows our bodies to recuperate and regenerate cells, pressing that reset button to get us ready for the next day.

To summarize, we should look to change our memory foam mattresses regularly. Be aware of mattress technology and advances in materials and fabrics. Trust in a long standing brand such as Hypnia and look to give our bodies the best possible chance of daily (or Nightly) recovery.