Why are we different to all the other mattress in a box brands?

Why are we different to all the other mattress in a box brands?

This is the exact question I would be asking when shopping for a new mattress. Over the last 5 years we have seen so many new pop up online mattress brands making it hard to pick a good one from a bad one. Unfortunately not everyone can do it well and provide a top quality product.

So how is Hypnia any different to any of the other online mattress brands? Well, in short, it boils down to experience. The one thing you can’t buy off the shelf or add to your mattress easily is first hand specific memory foam mattress experience. We are 12 years in on this journey and still improving and developing our product. You are actually buying over a decade of knowledge, time and effort to create the perfect mattress. Not many can say that!

The majority of the online mattress brands are actually city based marketing companies that have found a cheap factory to produce a basic mattress which they can then run through their smoke and mirrors to unveil what on the face of it is this amazing never seen before unicorn product that is going to transform every aspect of your life in 5 minutes!

We offer a 10 year guarantee & 100 night sleep trial because we know how our product will perform. We have also been selling memory foam mattresses for over 10 years so actually know that they will stand the test of time. You will find the other online brands offer similar guarantees but they are using these as sales offers and enticements rather than reassurance based on product experience.

I would also be careful giving my money to a company that is only 2 or 3 years old when they are offering long guarantees. How do they know their product will last 10 years or more? How do you know they will be around in 8 or 9 years should your mattress fail? 60% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years… so over half of the these guarantees on offer will be totally worthless. Why gamble with a new startup when you can buy a proven and trusted mattress?  

Creating any high end product takes time, development and patience to craft a truly unique mattress. We have created over 50 prototype mattresses. We have tested numerous different foam suppliers, foam densities and foam qualities. Painstakingly measuring responsiveness, recovery, heat transfer and resilience. This has been a labour of love! – Not a 5 minute throwaway idea. So much research and care has gone into what we have today and most customers will never know quite how much. And we’re fine with that, we know our product so so well that we can be 100% confident in what it delivers.