What are the benefits of Memory Foam?

What are the benefits of Memory Foam?



Have you managed to achieve the quality sleep that we were talking about in our last blog post? Or are you still not having a good night of zzz’s? Maybe its time to take a look at the likely culprit, your mattress. Is your mattress a traditional one with inner-springs? Or maybe a modern one that just doesn’t support you anymore?


With a vast array of mattress types out there, you may well be confused and ask which one is best for you? You have probably heard of memory foam. Yet there are probably lots of questions hanging around like What is it? Where did it come from? What are the benefits of having one?


Well, Question no more! Here are the answers about memory foam - our top selling mattress!


What is memory foam?

Originally, it was developed for NASA in the 1960’s and initially, it was used for airplane seats to lessen the intensity and pressure of gravity during take-offs and landings. Over the following few years, scientists discovered the benefits of memory foam and they found that it provides comfort and relief for patients in hospital and prevented bed sores. Now, memory foam is used in almost all types of industry.


Why choose memory foam?

1. The Comfort that you've been looking for.

Memory Foam works so well, for so many people, because whichever way you lay (Side, Front or Back) you always find it to be comfortable. This means that you do not spend time tossing and turning trying to find ‘that comfy spot’, so that results in you having a much Deeper Quality Sleep. This is all due to the foam softening in response to body heat and it absorbing or ‘Hugging’ you into the surface. All of this comfort is under-pinned by great support from the Reflex foam base layer.


One Hypnia Customer review says "I bought my first memory foam mattress from Hypnia several years ago to replace a mattress in my rental property. I only had the chance to sleep on it a couple of times between tenancies but was suitably impressed. When the four other mattresses needed replacement, I went with Hypnia. I've had good feedback from the tenants. So when it became time to replace my own mattress, it was a no-brainer, just the right amount of comfort and support".


2. Less body and neck pain.

Because memory foam reacts to the sleeper's body heat it relieves pressure to the joints and contact points like hips, thighs & shoulders and it helps reduce soreness and body pain. This pressure relief allows correct spinal alignment and improved blood circulation, both of which contribute towards reduced body and neck pain.


3. Uniquely minimal motion transfer.

Do you suffer annoying movements from your partner? Do they get up earlier or come to bed later than you? or, Are you the type of person who keeps on changing position while sleeping? Well, whatever the issue, Worry no more because memory foam isolates the movement and does not transfer it. So, if your partner tosses and turns, you will not feel it. Plus, it is totally silent too and this makes Quality Sleep easy to find!


4. It's hypo-allergenic !

Studies report a traditional mattress to be home to 100,000+ dust mites. Memory foam is a polyurethane variation that has a cell structure that will not harbour dust mites or bed bugs. As a result, this means that it will not be prone to their allergy-causing dust. Say Goodbye to allergies & say Hello to healthier skin.


5. No more Sagging - Guaranteed!

In comparison to a modern box-spring mattress, which may last for 5 or 6 years before some parts begin to sag; Water beds and Air beds can last for 7 to 10 years, but these are high maintenance. By contrast, a memory foam mattress can last for 10 to 15 years with little to no maintenance since it just needs cleaning every now and then. One of the great things with memory foam is its durability. It will serve you for years, Guaranteed.


With its fantastic benefits, low maintenance and superb durability, memory foam should be at the top of your list. So what are you waiting for? Get that quality sleep with our Hypnia Original Memory Foam Mattress or for a cooler option see our Premium Mattress. Check us out at