What are the Benefits of a good nights sleep?

What are the Benefits of a good nights sleep?

A good night’s rest plays a vital part in human health and wellness, but it is often neglected.

Nowadays, most of us live a hectic life resulting in not enough hours of sleep at night and more importantly, what we do get is not of sufficient quality.

We seem to think having a good dose of caffeine in the morning will keep us alert and focused. But does it really give us the benefit we need, all day long? Think twice here, as quality sleep might be a better solution for you to survive your day. Here are some of the benefits to be had, if we start getting enough ZZZ’s at night:


Helps improve your memory and concentration

Have you ever experienced short term memory loss? Or sometimes losing your train of thought? It's all because your brain needs to rest at night. Sleep allows your brain to repair and rebuild memories and start converting your short-term memories to long-term memories. It helps improve both short and long-term memory, rational thinking and the learning & decision-making processes in people of all ages. A night of really good sleep will help you see the things that you learn more clearly once you wake up. So start getting quality sleep for better performance at school or work.

Lower weight gain risk

If you are not sleeping properly you are consuming more energy. If a person does not sleep long enough this affects the hormones regulating your appetite and cravings for high-calorie food. The more you are awake the more you crave a snack that is high in calories so that your body can support the energy needed. This can make you eat unhealthy foods (like high in sugar) so you can sustain the energy needed for your mind and body.

Boosts your immune system

Quality sleep helps your body in rebuilding and creating those protein molecules necessary for fighting back infections, bugs or germs. Imagine if you are not getting enough sleep?? Good sleep helps your immune system to function and detect infection. Less sleep leaves you likely to develop more colds. So, if you are having colds more often, then maybe you should return to having 8 hours of quality sleep on a great mattress.

Prevents depression and helps to put you in a better mood

We live in a time where we worry too much about everything. Have you ever experienced staying up all night up worrying? Have you noticed the change in your mood on a daily basis? It is probably because your mind did not get the rest it needs. Sleep helps your mind rest & take time-out to help with recovery from the stresses of the day. The better sleep you have, the easier it is for you to see things from a better perspective and to help your ability to stay calm and controlled.

Keeps your heart healthy

Irregular patterns of sleep increase your risk of having diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. If you are not getting enough sleep or if you keep on waking up in the middle of the night, your body senses danger and causes your blood pressure to increase. Having high blood pressure is one of the factors for stroke and heart disease. Getting quality sleep helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.

Lowering the Risk of Diabetes

Studies show that poor sleep can lead to a higher risk of having type 2 Diabetes. It affects how our body processes glucose. That being said, it has an adverse effect on blood sugar in humans. Quality sleep helps to keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

Makes you a better and smarter person

Naps during the daytime and a good night's sleep help you to stay attentive and focused. No more feeling grumpy. You will be more positive in your daily perspective on life. That feeling is also more likely to be felt by the people around you. Quality Sleep is one of the factors for you to keep on track of, for your daily well-being.

So - Is sleeping well essential to our well-being? Definitely it is! - Along with healthy food and exercise too.

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