Pocket Sprung Mattresses

If you are searching for a comfortable yet affordable solution to your sleep troubles; you could do worse than our Budget Pocket Sprung Mattresses. Despite this range’s name these mattresses still have a quality finish that is seen in all of our other sprung ranges. This mattress has a comfort rating of being medium-firm but is slightly firmer than our other sprung mattresses due to there being a lower spring count.

The 2 inches of memory foam are incorporated into the construction of the mattress so there is no raised layer and until you lay on the mattress you would never know this had a memory foam layer which would be a nice surprise for your guests.


Sizes Available: Single / Double / King / Super King

Total Depth: 10 inch / 25 cm

Memory Foam Depth: 2 inch / 5 cm

Pocket Spring Count: Single - 192 / Double - 288 / King - 325 / Super King - 388

Comfort Rating: Medium – Firm

Cover: Polyester Fabric

As the supportive sprung base is constructed from individual springs concealed within their own fabric pockets, which means when you are using the mattress, the springs move independently of each other in response to the user’s body weight. Pocket sprung mattresses are also ideal for couples who have a difference in body weight, meaning that both of you will be catered for separately when the mattress is in use.

It is well documented that memory foam has loads of health benefits and many people have reported various medical conditions improving after using a memory foam product. As the memory foam responds to your body heat it slowly contours around your shape reducing painful pressure points and reduces any restrictions on blood circulation. Memory foam also reduces the need to move around during the night as your body is gently supported by the foam and it helps to keep your spine perfectly aligned. Not to mention that memory foam is also hypoallergenic so perfect for people who suffer from allergies and respiratory illnesses as the memory foam repels any nasty things such as dust mites and bed bugs.

Combine this with the independent spring movement as mentioned above and you have a fantastic combination. Available in Single, Double Size and King Size from the middle of December but available to pre order now. Take advantage of our low prices to avoid disappointment. Available now in Super King but stock is in low figures and this size will be discontinued so if you need to replace your mattress, hurry so you don’t miss out!