Our Memory Foam Mattress Story

Our Memory Foam Mattress Story

Over a decade ago we stumbled on to the emerging memory foam mattress market when there was only one player in the market, Tempur. They were producing a great product but at an astronomic price. With a bit of digging we found they were spending considerably more on marketing than they were on producing their product; we thought this must be a mistake. Tempur ran their production in China, so off we went to track down the best supplier we could find. It turned out we could retail our product for a tenth of what Tempur were! 

We trialed 3 high profile factories under a generic label to gain some customer feedback and see what we needed to improve upon. This was actually our first round of development all that time ago. We tweaked mixtures, depths, fabrics, zippers and cover designs. We agonised over every detail. In the middle of this exploratory process we met an amazing quality control / product expert that was looking to open a new factory. We grabbed the opportunity with both hands and jointly opened our own factory to give us ultimate control over the production process.

We ran our Chinese factory for over 5 years, developing what we believed was the best possible memory foam mattress. It was an ongoing, never ending development process which just kept getting better and better. Our ongoing battle was consistency, we tested everything before it left the building and we would often find product that didn’t pass our rigorous testing from batch to batch. We employed experts, we contacted other memory foam manufacturers and we even outsourced foam production to some of the most well respected Chinese memory foam producers to see if they could produce a perfectly consistent foam.

To our absolute amazement it turned out that even they couldn’t give us what we needed to get the perfectly balanced consistent product. This combined with changing times in China as workers wages were increasing, cost of raw materials was rising monthly and shipping was going through the roof. We had perfected our design and were quietly yet confidently building a great brand following. What started out as a small UK born challenger brand to a massive American PLC company who were, we since learnt, delivering a very inconsistent product with average quality control, it was time to see if we could bring manufacturing back to the UK.

We didn’t even know if it was possible or economically viable. We’d built a factory, could we really turn our back on everything we’d done? That said there was an excitement to the prospect of producing our memory foam mattresses in the UK on home soil. It would also allow us to produce to order cutting out the 6 weeks shipping time and exposing our product to the mixed atmosphere conditions when container shipping by sea.

Well it turned out that that it was possible and more over it has lead to us creating an even better product. We are now able to offer a wider selection of specifications, a pocket sprung hybrid memory foam mattress and even bespoke size mattresses made to order. All of this can be achieved in a 2-7 day lead-time depending on product range.

We have also now finally been able to rely on a consistency to our memory foam. We have produced, tested and sold thousands of mattresses since bringing the manufacturing back to the UK 5 years ago and we now know that every mattress is exactly the same as the previous. The quality of our unique foam composition has also improved with higher quality raw materials and the addition of new technology that we have been able to incorporate into our mattresses. We have also overhauled, upgraded and redesigned our cover with beautiful new fabrics, softer quilting and improved hardware.

So here we are today in 2019 with a huge insight and first hand experience into the real goings on of both Chinese and UK memory foam mattress production. We have been there and done it, we know our product and we can 100% stand behind it with confidence. We are one of the only UK brands that has been in existence longer than it’s guarantee period. We only produce memory foam mattresses because that is what we specialise in, other brands seem to have diversified into homewares, linen and furniture. We simply see this as diluting their value in an area that actually requires a lot of expertise. You wouldn’t go to your GP when you need a surgeon so why wouldn’t you find a specialist when it comes to your sleep? Food for thought we hope!

And that is the shortened, edited and clipped version of how Hypnia was born all those years ago and has stood the test of time, developing into a really dependable UK mattress brand that you can trust.